Keeping Your Cleaning Equipment Up-To-Date

Magnus Engineered Equipment strives to ensure customer’s expectations are met throughout the life of their Magnus equipment.  MEE stays engaged with customers throughout the machine life to ensure proper operation and performance.  It’s not unusual for customer’s to be operating 30+ year old cleaning equipment, and in such cases, MEE not only provides replacement parts but can also provide updated safety and electrical equipment.  After some years of operation, one customer encountered difficulties with pneumatic control panels.  The originally supplied panels utilized plastic air lines, however these air lines deteriorated due to frequent exposure to incompatible cleaning chemistries.  MEE stepped in and remedied the customer’s problem by supplying pneumatic control panels constructed with stainless steel air lines.  Like other wetted surfaces in the cleaning system, these control panels can now withstand the harsh environment and allow the cleaning line to function without issue.

MEE builds their equipment to be code compliant, but aged cleaning equipment can also be refurbished to encompass the newest controls, safety equipment and be fully code compliant.  Tanks which previously had manually operated lids can be retro-fitted with pneumatically operated lids.  Surge suppression can be added to electrical cabinets to make them compliant with the latest electrical codes, and pneumatic systems which are antiquated can be updated to the newest technology.  Sometimes, older cleaning equipment is re-purposed in manufacturing environments and with small additions, the equipment can be optimized for the new application.  An example is when a cleaning tank is converted from a solvent chemistry to a water based chemistry.  The minor addition of filtration and/or oil coalescence can greatly improve the cleaning process and deliver other benefits such as longer and more reproducible bath performance.

If you have an older cleaning tank/system that could use some maintenance or updating, contact MEE to see what options are available.