Magnus Engineered Equipment

We are pleased and excited to announce that Magnus Engineered Equipment LLC has agreed to acquire the Magnus Equipment Company.

Our plans are big; we will take what has been accomplished over the past 95 years and grow a company that embraces continuous improvement. Our products are found in various industries that produce mechanical components such as aerospace, automotive, remanufacturing, energy, castings, medical technology, and electronics.

Some of our plans have already been set in motion. We are in the process of designing a new facility that located in Northeastern Ohio. This facility is being designed with innovation and efficient production processes in mind. We will continue to design, test, and manufacture all of our products under one roof. ISO certification is planned for the fourth quarter of 2016. We have begun to contact our key suppliers to form strategic partnerships that will improve our product capability while also reducing cost. To improve our capability to promise accurate delivery dates, we are in the process of implementing the latest version of EPICOR’s ERP solution.

This is just a start. We are adding additional engineering and design expertise giving us the most talented technical team in our industry. We are also expanding our ability to analyze and develop the cleaning chemistry needed to meet our customers’ cleanliness requirements. Once we have relocated we will be investing in new manufacturing equipment that will improve our capability and quality.

With innovative standard solutions and individually customized cleaning systems, Magnus Engineered Equipment will meet all of our customers’ requirements.

We can’t wait to start working with the team at Magnus to build a company that embraces the newest technology to continuously improve our products and services for all of our customers.

William Martin – President/CEO
Jeffrey S. Mendrala, CPA, CVA – Chief Financial Officer