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Piston and Complex Part Cleaning

Magnus Engineered Equipment is proud to supply cleaning equipment to many automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.  A company utilizes MEE’s 6” diameter submersible radial ultrasonic transducer to clean aluminum pistons manufactured for many global automotive brands.  The high power density 20 kHz ultrasonics are exceptional for cleaning oil passage and other fine features in a very short time.  These transducers are utilized in a modified Mini Tunnel Sonics (MTS) machine, and a video showing the MTS in action can be seen here.

Valve Automation

When one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valves needed to replace existing cleaning equipment and fit the equipment into an existing tight space, Magnus Engineered Equipment designed and delivered a system which met their space and load requirements.  They use this cleaning system to clean very large and very heavy valve bodies, ensuring their customers get a quality and functional valve.

High Speed Wire Cleaning

Magnus Engineered Equipment supplies Powersonic TM Radial  Transducers which operate at 20 kHz and deliver the most concentrated and highest ultrasonic cleaning power….  These radial transducers are optimum for cleaning wire at high speeds and are used by many wire manufacturers around the globe.

Radial transducers were supplied to two major cable companies this month.