Magnus Solvent Cleaning

Safe Agitated Immersion Cleaning with Solvents

Magnus Engineered Equipment has been making agitated immersion cleaning equipment since the 1950’s.  With this long experience, we understand how to manufacture agitated immersion cleaning equipment which can SAFELY handle solvent based cleaning solutions.  The low flash point of many industrial solvents poses a fire risk and the equipment must be designed to both minimize the risk of fire and prevent the spread of fire should one occur.

Magnus equipment is inherently safe as only shop compressed air is used.  Electrical components, electrical enclosures and flammable materials are not utilized as these components would compromise the safety of the equipment.  Components on the cleaning tank are permanently electrically bonded to comply with the NFPA and OSHA requirements and metal-to-metal moving surfaces are eliminated to avoid spark generation.  Should a fire occur, a fusible link reacts and causes the tank lid to automatically close thereby suppressing the flame and minimizing the availability of air which can feed the fire.  Solution filtration is accomplished via the use of a grounded air operated pump which is compatible with the solvent being used.  It’s advisable to utilize an aqueous cleaner where possible, however if the cleaning operation requires a solvent based chemistry, then use equipment which has been specifically designed to handle the solvent chemistry and minimizes the risk and spread of fire.

The ML 2918 cleaning system presented herein is affectionately called a “Senior” as it has been utilized in the cleaning industry for more than 65 years.  The system is suitable for use with solvent based cleaning solutions and is manufactured and supported by MEE in Willoughby, Ohio and spare parts are generally available via next-day delivery.


Operation of the wash tank is conducted via a three-position selector lever on the side of the tank.

    • RAISE : Placing the control lever in the “CENTER” position will “RAISE” the platform.
    • LOWER : Placing the control lever in the “LOWER” position will “LOWER” the platform down to the “Soak” (lowest) position.
    • AGITATION : Placing the control lever in the “Up” or “Agitate” position will lower the platform and activate the “AGITATION” process. Agitation rate is adjustable.


    • 12 gauge, 304 stainless steel, insulated tank construction
    • Stainless Steel tank jackets and cylinder guard
    • Manual, hinged stainless steel lid
    • 35” long x 28.5” wide x 53.75” high overall dimensions
    • 30” long x 22” wide x 20.5” high inside tank dimensions
    • 29” long x 18” wide x 11” high dipping space dimensions
    • 29” x 18” stainless steel grate platform
    • 125 lb. lift capacity (at 100 psi)
    • 40 gallon capacity
    • Pneumatic agitation control
    • In-tank strainer (for pump protection)
    • 25” drain with Stainless Steel Ball Valve
    • Optional integral filtration system compatible with a solvent cleaner including air operated diaphragm pump and filter housing with air regulator, pressure gauge and drain port.
    • Requires 2 to 4 cfm @ 100 psi compressed air
      • Achieves 140-180 strokes per minute (70-90 cycles per minute)
      • 5” to 2.5” travel per stroke


    • FUSIBLE LINK with Dump Solenoid, adds safety when working with flammable materials. A one-piece hinged cover with a 212oF melting point safety link automatically closes when the link melts causing the platform to lower and the cover to close.
    • Permanent electrical bonding per NFPA and OSHA compliance
    • Elimination of metal-on-metal moving surfaces
    • No electrical supply or electrical boxes on the system