Cleaning Equipment for Engine and Transmission Remanufacturing

Magnus Engineered Equipment is proud to be a supplier to an engine manufacturer.  Our customer recently added these two cleaning tanks to their stable of over 40 existing Magnus Engineered Equipment cleaning tanks.  Their company has an exceptional reputation for supplying quality rebuilt engines and transmissions, and we at Magnus Engineered Equipment are proud to support them in maintaining their reputation.

Custom 3 Door Forced Air Dryer

Magnus Engineered Equipment designed and built a custom 3 door dryer for technology corporation.  The dryer fits seamlessly into an existing operation and allows operators to position air wands to dry areas on complex substrates.  The doors glide effortlessly up and down reducing operator fatigue and optimizing the throughput.

Heavy Duty Crankshaft Washing and Rinsing

Customers rely on Magnus Engineered Equipment’s reputation for building cleaning equipment which lasts a very long time even with extreme service.  An example are these wash tanks delivered to a machinery manufacturer for the washing of 3800 lb crankshafts.  In-house made pneumatic steel cylinders are used to deliver the required lifting power without failure.  A Magnus Engineered Equipment coalescer removes the oil/grease from the cleaning bath which lets our customer extend the life of their cleaning bath, achieve repeatable cleaning results, and minimize disposal costs.