Polymer/Insulator Coating Removal

Magnus Engineered Equipment’s high power ultrasonics allow for the removal of insulating or adherent polymer layers from metal substrates.  Examples of problems solved include:

Removal of electrical insulation from copper windings used in electrical transformers

The use of Magnus Engineered Equipment ultrasonics replaces slow and expensive thermal removal of insulation or grit blasting removal of insulation from transformer copper windings to make an electrical connection with the windings.

Removal of Polyvinyledene Chloride Polymer (Henkel) from Steel Substrates

The very durable and tough Polyvinyledene chloride polymer is no match for the cleaning power of Magnus Engineered Equipment ultrasonics.  Operating at 20 kHz, the sonics soften and remove the polymer without damage to the underlying metal substrate.

Cleco Fastener Cleaning

Often referred to as temporary rivets, cleco fasteners allow parts to be held together until the parts can be permanently bonded.    Chemistry is used in a rotational cleaning system to remove residual adhesive from used cleco’s and make them suitable for reuse.  Rotational baskets are loaded and unloaded externally, and 2 heated and filtered wash tanks were provided along with a single rinse tank.